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What Are LED Flameless Candles?

LED candles are becoming more and more popular due to safety concerns and convenience. But how do they work?

LED flameless candles are a safer, handier alternative to traditional flamed candles. 

Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, they look and feel just like a real candle.

But instead of using fire to light the wick which in turn melts the wax, LED candles use batteries to power a bulb which imitates a flickering candle flame.

If that all sounds a bit technical, it's not, I promise!

So let's say you are given a candle as a gift (hopefully one from The Sage Haven!)...you remove the packaging, the familiar feeling of the weighty wax in your hands, you admire the beautiful image embedded on the surface of the candle, and then you realise there's something different.

Admiring LED candle gift from The Sage Haven

Instead of a solid top to the candle, theres a perfectly shaped cavity, as if the candle has already burned down slightly. And instead of a pristine white wick in the centre, theres a flame-shaped bulb. Turning it around, you find a compartment at the base of the candle which opens to reveal batteries, as well as an On/Off switch.

So how does it work?

Well, inside the candle lies a small circuit board. Using the magic of electronics, the batteries power a tiny LED bulb which sits inside the flame shape at the top of the candle.

This bulb is wired to gently flicker, imitating the comforting glow of a flamed candle we all know and love.

But what's the point? 

If you're wondering why people are choosing to switch over to LED candles here are just some of the numerous benefits:

  • There is no¬†risk of fire - place your candle absolutely anywhere!
  • They don‚Äôt generate heat - no risk of burning yourself!
  • The¬†wax doesn't melt away, so the¬†candle will last¬†for years (up to 90 years to be exact!)
  • They can be used around pets,¬†elderly folks and children
  • They can be¬†left on all night with no risk - great in windows or as a night light in the bathroom
  • They don‚Äôt emit smoke or fumes - no risk to your health or that of your family

set of 3 lit led candles handcrafted by the sage haven

LED candles aren't just for the home either. Many churches, restaurants and hospitals have changed over too. Places, where you would never have been able to use a candle such as offices, dorm rooms and nursing homes, can now enjoy the comforting reassurance that comes from an LED flameless candle. 

So now that you know what they are and how they work, why not share this with friends and family using one of the links below...you never know when someone is thinking of gift ideas for your next birthday!


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