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5 Ways To Decorate The Christmas Dinner Table

Whether there are just two of you or the whole extended family, having a beautiful table display at Christmas really sets the scene for the big festive dinner. 

For most of the year our dinner table serves as office, art studio and play dough station!! It’s not a big table so once dinner is served there’s no space for fancy wreaths and big candle displays!! Instead we try to focus on the small touches, here’s a few for you to try if you’re also short on space!!

1. Candy cane messages

Candy cane christmas table place holder decoration

Such a simple idea and easy to make! Tie 3 candy canes together and place upside down on the table with a little message for each person, a Festive joke or just their name on some pretty paper.

2. Side plate wreath

Side plate rosemary wreath Christmas table decoration

Another really simple but beautiful idea. If you don’t have your own rosemary plant, you can buy fresh rosemary very cheaply in the supermarket. Use as a napkin ring or wrap around the base of a wine glass. Add some little charms for an extra special touch!

3. Christmas tree napkins

Christmas tree napkin folding Christmas table decoration

If you’re feeling creative, or have some older kids in the house to do it, this is a fun way to present your napkins. Add a cinnamon stick for the trunk and you can buy Dr. Oetker edible gold stars for the top!

4. Wine glass candles

Wine glass candle decoration Christmas dinner table

Wine glasses are usually present at the table for Christmas Day so why not make them into a temporary decoration?! Add greenery or a little Christmas ornament underneath and a tea light candle on top, just make sure to keep it in its little tray or it will melt all over the glass!!

5. Play a game

Christmas dinner table games

If you need to ease some festive tension at the table, having some party games planned can really help! Print off a few game sheets and staple together a little booklet for each person. Place under their dinner plate or on the side plate as an alternative to a traditional Christmas cracker. Check out our Pinterest page for lots of game ideas!!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas x


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