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How To Decorate Your Home With Candles

how to decorate your home with candles blog post

There aren’t too many people in the world who don’t like candles, right?! We all have them in our homes, from small tea lights to large pillar candles. But how many of us actually think carefully about where to put them in our home? 

When we buy a piece of art we spend hours agonizing over which wall to put it on, what level to hang it at and which, of the many, gadgets and gizmos to use to keep it on the wall without it crashing to the floor as soon as we turn our backs.

Yet when we buy a candle, we tend to put it down on whatever surface happens to be clear at the time, without really giving much thought to it.

When we bring a candle into our home, we don’t give any thought to styling or placement.

So, to help you to style your candles in your home here are 5 ways to decorate your home with candles.

1. Coffee Table Tray

Coffee table candle display vignette

Photo courtesy of Swoon Worthy


I love this trend of using trays filled with beautiful accessories to create a focal point in the sitting room. It also helps to encourage you to keep the coffee table from becoming a cluttered mess, and in our home it deters the 5 year old from using it as an extension of her LEGO table!!

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2. Mantelpiece Display 

Mantelpiece candle display

Photo courtesy of Sainsburys 

In our home, the mantelpiece dominates the room as it is completely black (still trying to convince the Mr. to paint it!!). This isn’t helped by having a north facing sitting room which makes it very dark. So, we try to combat this by having a large mirror above the fireplace to bounce light, and lots of candles!! The room always looks at its best at Christmas when the glow of the fairy lights and the flicker of the candles around the room makes it feel warm and cosy.
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3. Window Display

Windowsill candle display

Photo courtesy of The Revered Review

Here in Ireland we have a lovely old tradition of keeping a candle lit in the window at Christmas, to welcome passerby’s into our home. I often think the windows of a house are like the face of the home, some are friendly, some are not. Candles in the window help to create that welcoming vibe. They also act as a security feature, letting would-be intruders know, that on a Winters night when the house is all dark, there is still life behind the drawn curtains.
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4. Bookshelf Display

Bookshelf candle display

Photo courtesy of Nordic House

Shelfie may not feature in any dictionary yet but it’s a word that most people will have heard by now! I have to admit to having major shelf envy on Pinterest, and despite my best efforts I haven’t managed to achieve anything ‘shelfie’ worthy yet!! But I do have candles on my shelves (I feel the need to point out that you should use flame-less!).

Bookshelves can be dark, overlooked areas in a home so adding the glow of a candle, helps to highlight and draw attention to those wonderful books.

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5. Bedside Table

Bedside table candle display

Photo courtesy of TLCInteriors

It’s no secret that I love my sleep, if I don’t get my 8 hours a night the world suffers as a result!! So by about 10pm I’m tucked up in bed, ready for sleep. But the man in the house doesn’t share my enthusiasm, he stays up until well after midnight! 

To prevent said man from interrupting my beauty sleep, he has a candle beside his bed (flameless of course!), which I light every night before I settle. This allows him to reach the bed without bashing his shins and stubbing his toes on the way!

There are so many places to use candles in the home, we just need to spend a few minutes considering how it fits with the rooms aesthetic and how it works with the other items around it.

Happy styling!!

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