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How To Decorate Your Utility Room - Hints and Tips

how to decorate your utility room blog post

It’s week 3 of our utility room themed blog posts. We have already looked at decluttering and storage. This week we’re putting aside all of that practical and sensible stuff and instead looking at ways to make your utility room beautiful.

The results of a recent poll we did, showed that 60% of you preferred country style, think butler sinks, open wooden shelving and rattan baskets. 40% preferred the glossy, clean lines of a more modern style with a simpler colour palette.

I am somewhere in the middle of these two! I love butler sinks, I like rattan and wooden storage but I would prefer a more simple colour scheme. Whatever your preference, the most important thing is to create a room that makes you happy to be in it (no matter how high the pile of washing is!).

So lets get started...

1. Choose your colours

Utility room colour scheme








Even if you like a very modern, minimalist design, you still need to decide on a colour scheme. Will you have an accent colour? Will your walls be the same colour as adjoining rooms? If there is an item in your room that you absolutely can’t abide but it has to stay, can you paint it? 

Personally I love white with wood and pops of colour in the accessories, it’s simple enough to be able to change it up very easily, but it still has some rustic charm. 

Another great way to cover up ugly pieces is using contact paper. If you need a counter top, just take a piece of chipboard or plywood, paint the edges and then use a beautiful patterned contact paper on the top, as good as any expensive kitchen counter!!

2. Choose your furniture

Pantry utility room dresser food storage

We sometimes assume that a utility room or a laundry room will have the sone sort of kitchen style cupboards with the same type of counter top. But that’s not always the case. 

A vintage sea chest can make a great shoe box, with seating on the lid. A country kitchen dresser can hold spare dishes, board games or cleaning supplies. An old dining table cut in half will make the perfect surface for folding laundry and preparing the dogs dinner!

The utility room is a great space for being creative. It’s a room all about practicality so be practical with your furnishings too and make use of what you have stored away in the attic!

3. Choose your storage

Utility room storage galvanized tin crates

Last week we looked at storage solutions and one of the things I mentioned was baskets and boxes. These are great for making a room look tidy and organised but are also very accessible and easy to maintain.

Rattan and wood are perfect if you’re looking for a country cottage vibe. Galvanised tin goes great with a more contemporary style, while still keeping some interest. If you’re after sleek and modern, high gloss white boxes are also available, just make sure you keep them cleaned regularly as high gloss is unforgiving!! 

If you want to be super organised, use content labels on the front. Again there are many options, chalkboard labels, hand cut floral paper labels or some self adhesive lettering. For kids boxes, use pictures instead!

4. Choose your wall decor

Laundry room vintage black sign

I once made a sign for our utility room which said ‘Single Sock, Seeking a Mate’ and had a clothes peg attached!! Let’s face it, nobody really likes hanging out in the utility room. Muddy boots, piles of washing, jars of dried pasta...not the most exciting stuff! But you can bring a little humour or inspiration in with your wall decor. 

Make a collage wall for your kids art, make a canvas with a photo of your dog splashing through water. Or take some interesting, vintage frames and paint them in bright colours and hang them on the wall.

If you prefer a more practical use of wall space, try a peg rail or a noticeboard for the family. But inject it with some of your personality to ensure that you smile when you look at it each day.

5. Choose your accessories

Utility room accessories and plants

Last but not least, the fun stuff!! If you’re lucky enough to have a window in your space try some plants in nice pots. If you have some pretty biscuit tins or nice cookware, don’t hide them away for special occasions, put them on display for everyone to enjoy, every day.

A nice rug on the floor, some nice tins on the countertop or even just a pretty watering can sitting on a windowsill, can really add the perfect finishing touches to your space. We all have beautiful items in our homes, sometimes we just need to be a little more creative and a bit more adventurous with how we use them.

And that’s it for this week I’ll be giving you some bonus life hacks for your utility the meantime check out our Instagram page for lots more ideas!

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