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How To Use Storage In Your Utility Room

how to use storage in your utility room blog post

Following on from last weeks post on decluttering, this week we’re going to focus on storage solutions for your utility room. Regardless of what size your room or space is, it won’t work if you cant put things away in a designated spot after each use. 

If you took my advice last week, you’ll now know exactly what you want to store in your space, and if you took a look at our Pinterest board you might have a few ideas of the style you want to achieve.

You can adapt the following ideas to work for your home. 

1. Put all your eggs in one basket

Basket storage in shelving for utility room

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And not just your eggs!! Baskets are a great way of containing clutter. The contents inside don’t have to be perfectly tidy, but when you look at the shelf it gives the illusion of everything being clean and organized. Labels on the front can be useful for finding what you’re looking for in a hurry, and also to remember where it belongs when you put it away!! 

If you don’t like rattan baskets you can try plastic, cardboard or wooden...just make sure it’s appropriate for the contents and try to keep them all the same if possible.

Also if you are building new shelving, choose your baskets first to make sure they fit perfectly!

2. Hang on tight

 Broom and mop storage behind door - The Sage haven

My father still gives out to me when he sees the broom standing on its bristles, apparently it squashes them and renders the broom useless. Frankly our broom never stays in one place long enough to ever get squashed!! However, his point is valid, broom storage is something we tend to overlook, it’s standing in the corner with the mop and occasionally falls over just in time to trip you up. 

If you have a door where you can hang brushes and mops and dustpans on, perfect. If not, find a space on the wall, maybe with a shelf over it for cleaning products.

There are all sorts of different fancy hook systems available but really the most basic hook will do. If your broom dosnt have a hole to hook into it, use a drill to make a small hole in the top of the handle and string some cord through to make a loop.

3. Reuse and recycle 

Food storage jars in utility room - The Sage haven

We all know how bad Nutella is for us, full of sugar and other unsavory ingredients....but, their jars are fantastic!! Wash them in the dishwasher, the label comes right off, and away you go, I use them for seeds, nuts, sugars etc. Ok so it dosnt have to be Nutella jars but you get the idea! It dosnt just have to be food stuffs either...clothes pegs, buttons, loose change...use glass jars to keep everything together. 

If you have open shelving in your space, it’s a great way of seeing what you have at a glance, and also brings some colour and personality into the room, without the clutter!!

4. Designate areas

Laundry area in utility room

If you do your laundry in your utility room, make a designated area for it. If you don’t have the space for a countertop for folding the washing, maybe you can fit in a foldaway table, which could also double as an ironing board. 

If the kids have things stored in the room, keep it all together. Again, baskets are great with picture labels to help them to put things away where they belong. Just make sure it’s not right inside the door as you come into the room because no doubt a stray toy or two will end up on the floor!! 

Tools and garden supplies should also be kept together, preferably up out of the reach of children, but not so high that you have to struggle to reach either as some of it may be heavy. Peg boards with hooks and trays are great for small bits and pieces and for hanging some of the smaller, regularly used tools.

5. Go high

Sheila maid hanging clothes airer

The kids have just come in from jumping in muddy puddles, the jackets and hats are thrown on the floor creating a pool of water that the dog insists on walking in, spreading the mess all over the house. Sound familiar?!

Even if you have a clothes drier, not all fabrics can go in it and sometimes you just need to hang bedding or blankets to air out.

A pull down ‘sheila’ is a great use of ceiling space, freeing up the floor area and also making the most of the warm air as it rises in the room. 

Just a note...

I’ll be back next week with some ideas for decorating your space to make it match the rest of the house decor. And if you haven’t started decluttering your utility room yet, be sure to check out last weeks blog post.

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