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Kitchen Storage Ideas

kitchen storage ideas blog post

Learning clever ways to organise your kitchen drawers, cabinets and counters can really help to make the time you spend in the kitchen, more enjoyable.

Last week we looked at ways to organise your kitchen, creating a space which works for you and your family. This week I'm going to give you some tips on storage ideas which will maximise the space you have and minimise the time you spend looking for items!

Lets get started!

1. Hidden notice board

kitchen storage - hidden notice board - the sage haven

Having a family noticeboard can be very useful but lets face it, they're not the most beautiful item in your kitchen!! But having bits and pieces of paper all over the kitchen counter doesn't look good either!

So I love this idea...hang a board, or two, inside your cabinet door. Most cabinets have a small gap in front of the shelves so it won't interfere with closing the door, you may even be able to include a couple of hooks for keys and/or some clips for holding school notes, letters or in our house, Barbies' lost shoe!!

Just make sure to attach it really well or you will be forever regretting it when it bangs every time you open the door!!

2. Easy access to cleaning supplies

 kitchen storage - hanging cleaning supplies inside cabinet door - the sage haven

Walk into most homes and chances are you will be able to find your way around the kitchen...cutlery in top drawer, pots and pans in bottom cabinets and cleaning supplies under the sink!! 

This idea is so simple but so easy to do. Hang a towel rail on the inside of your under-sink cabinet door and use S hooks or clips to hang kitchen gloves, tea-towels and scrubbing brushes. You can even hang your most frequently used cleaning spray over the towel rail, using the nozzle as a hook. No more rooting round under the sink and no excuse not to put everything away neatly!

3. Using paper files

kitchen storage - use paper file to store bottles - the sage haven

Reusable drinks bottles seem to multiply in our house, we never throw them out but yet can never seem to find one when we need it!!

Using really cheap wooden paper files, you can store them much easier on a shelf, keeping them organised at the same time. This also works really well for sauce bottles like vinegar which may be too tall to stand up in your cabinets. 

Another use for these files is again, inside your cabinet door! Storing tin-foil, clingfilm and baking paper can be a nightmare but using a file attached to the door keeps them neat and tidy as well as being completely accessible. 

kitchen storage - tin foil storage inside cabinet door - the sage haven

4. Shelf Risers

 kitchen storage - using shelf risers in kitchen cabinets - the sage haven

Shelf risers are another great way to utilise space in your kitchen. Our cabinets tend to have a lot of wasted air space, with everything sitting crowded on the shelf. Using a riser means you can fit in twice as much in the same amount of space. Perfect for small sauce jars, serving dishes or glassware. 

Another way to utilise the vertical space in your kitchen cabinets is to use hooks hanging from the top to store mugs, measuring cups or even food packets using a clip.

5. More hooks!

kitchen storage - hanging pots and pans - the sage haven

Pots and pans have got to be one of the most awkward kitchen items to store, and the noisiest too!! In our house they tend to just get flung into the cabinet, closing the door as quickly as possible before a lid comes rolling back out!! 

Most pots and pans have a hole at the end of the handle...for hanging them!! I'm not a huge fan of having them hanging from the ceiling in kitchens, unless they're shiny and new they can make everything look a bit grubby. So instead use hooks inside your cabinets to hang them from, using the shelf space for the lids or the cabinet door as shown below.

Just make sure to use your pots and pans to measure the distances you need between hooks before you screw them in!

kitchen storage - storing pots and pans lids inside cabinet door - the sage haven

6. Baskets & Jars

kitchen storage - mason jar storage - the sage haven

 If I'm being completely honest I'm not totally sold on the idea of mason jars! I do use jars to store my various baking products...sugar, flour etc...but I would advise you to exercise caution with this one! Yes it can be a great storage solution for some store-cupboard items. But what can also happen is that you know you're running low on pasta so you go out and buy a bag, get it home and then find you can only fit half of it into the jar, meaning you're left now with a jar AND a bag!!

My advise is to make sure that the jar you use is about twice the size of the packet you normally buy. So if you are storing sugar, use a jar that holds 2kg, that way you'll never be stuck with leftovers!!

I do however, really like the idea of baskets. Especially for things like bags of nuts and seeds, sauce packets and stock cubes. Use whichever containers you prefer, plastic, wicker or wooden...just make sure you label the front of them with the contents so you don't have to pull each one out when you're looking for something!

7. Recipe Books

kitchen storage - recipe books - the sage haven 

I LOVE recipe books!! Its one of the first sections I go to in a bookshop or if I'm browsing on Amazon. But they do tend to take up a lot of space!!

Using the space at the end of your kitchen cabinets, top or bottom, is a great way to store your recipe books. You can easily make your own shelves to fit the space or use Ikea photo shelves cut to size. If you have the room, make them full size shelves, rather than just a ledge, but do use a border around the edge to stop the books from toppling over!!

If you don't have a space at the end of your cabinets you can also just use a nice wooden box to store them in on the counter, making them a feature of your kitchen décor.

kitchen storage - recipe books countertop box - the sage haven

8. Fridge organisation

kitchen storage - fridge organisation baskets - the sage haven

Our fridge is way too small!! We dream of one day owning an American style fridge/ freezer, although we would have to completely re-work our utility room to fit it in!! In the meantime though we do use a few tricks to make the most of the space we have. The real key with a fridge is to keep it organised.

Firstly, have a system and make sure everyone in the family understands it. In our fridge, the top shelf is for leftovers or open jars. This way I can always glance through when I'm planning meals for anything that might need using up. It doesn't get lost in amongst everything else in the fridge, only to be found when its too late to use.

Secondly, I highly recommend using containers to organise a fridge. We have one for cheeses and one for cold meats. By keeping them all together, you can just pull out the whole container when you're looking for something, rather than rooting around looking for something that may, or may not, have already been eaten! This is especially great if your kids make their own school lunches as they can find everything easily and quickly, with no excuse for not putting it away after!!

Lastly, I would advise you to clean out your fridge once a week, preferably the day before you go grocery shopping. This might sound excessive but once you do it for a few weeks you'll find it only takes 10 minutes. Clear a shelf, wipe it down, and put back in what needs to go in. Anything that needs eating can be used up that day and you also get a much clearer idea of what you need to buy in, preventing over-stocking and eventually food waste. 

If you have older children in the house, this makes a great chore for them to do, its quick and easy and also encourages them to keep it tidy during the week!!

9. Just for fun!

kitchen storage - phone charging station - the sage haven

Ok so this isn't technically kitchen storage but I had to include it anyway!! It drives me mad seeing phones and tablets charging on kitchen counters! I'm afraid I might spill something on it as well as it just looking messy!!

This idea can be replicated using a towel rail, a basket and some hooks. Obviously it needs to be near an outlet but most kitchens have outlets on the walls which can be used. And I love the idea of hanging a couple of herb planters either side to make it more of a feature...practical and beautiful!!

If you can't hang a basket, just have one sitting on a counter or desk where chargers can be stored and screens can be left for charging...just make sure everyone knows what its for!!

And that's it from me for this week. Don't forget to subscribe to our email for updates on new blog posts and exclusive offers on our home décor products!


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