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Learning Self Care From A Rescue Cat

injured cat with soft collar around neck
This is Sam...our old, stubborn, not-so-handsome rescue cat!! Most days he just drives me mad, always wanting food, never listening to me when I say no!!
But 2 weeks ago he came home injured and to make a long story short...it resulted in an emergency trip to the vet and a loan from a neighbour of this very stylish collar to stop him from going at his wounds!!
Sam had a pretty tough start in life and by the time he came to us, he was terrified of everyone and everything, totally emotionally traumatised. It took a long time for him to adjust to a happier, easier life. Thankfully he is a survivor and 10 years on he is now king of the neighbourhood!!
Now Sam is not a daft cat, he is deceptively intelligent!! So not only was he really playing up his injury to get more hugs and food, but he also started to self medicate using catnip!!
As humans, we are starting to talk more about self-care and healing from within, as if its a new concept that we just came up with ourselves. Due, of course, to our far superior brain!! But if we take a look at animals, they do it all the time...and I'm pretty sure they didn't need YouTube or Google to teach them!!
Sam knew that he needed to mind himself while he was recovering. He slept on the boiler to keep warm, he didn't go outside apart from toilet breaks, he moved slower and only when necessary...and he ate catnip to keep calm.
In human terms that would be the equivalent of going to bed with a hot water bottle for a week and only eating food that made us feel better!! But how many of us actually ever do that?! We may want to, we might even need to, but we keep pushing ourselves as if the world will fall apart if we don't.
Unfortunately, women seem to fall victim to this more than men, men are better at just doing what they need to do when they need to do it. But as women we condemn them for it, we moan when they go for an afternoon nap instead of mowing the lawn! We make smart remarks about how long they stay in the bathroom, yet we'd love to be able to go ourselves without the kids and pets following us!
So I think we should be more like Sam...take a nap if you need it, eat a chocolate bar if you want it, and if sitting on a very uncomfortable toilet seat for an hour is what works for you....go for it :D
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