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How To Get Your Home Ready For Christmas

It’s that time of year again when we start to think about pulling the tree out of the far corner of the attic and searching Spotify for the perfect Christmas playlist! Unfortunately, decorating the house for the holidays has become just yet another stressful thing that needs doing on a long list of to-dos.
But I believe it should be fun, something the whole family can get involved in, and hopefully this blog post will help you to rekindle the joy of Christmas decorating.  
1. Get sorted!
Merry Christmas vintage metal sign with Santa Claus image - The Sage Haven
After Christmas, when it’s time to put everything away after the festivities, I’m well and truly ready to get it up the attic stairs and out of sight!! So much so that I don’t really pay much attention to which box it goes in or where in the attic it goes! 
So my first tip would be to clear a space wherever you store your decorations and sort it out, either by room or by whichever categorization works for you. There may be some stuff that needs to be thrown out, some that won’t be used this year or some that needs some tactful negotiations later on!! Box it or pile it and put away anything that you don’t need.
2. Get washing!
Christmas reindeer soft toy sitting on couch with Christmas blanket - The Sage haven
If, like us, you have Christmas blankets, cushion covers, jumpers etc., get them out and into the wash to freshen up.
To really get into the seasonal swing, add a few drops of Christmas blend essential oil, either in with the detergent or on a cloth in the drum. This will give everything a fabulous festive fragrance and also make the house smell amazing! (I wouldn’t advise this for any clothing items unless you want to smell like a Christmas tree all day!!)
3. Get moving!
Cutting the Christmas tree at Christmas tree farm miniature scene - The Sage haven
In our house, space is already tight, so when it comes to Christmas, furniture and accessories need to be moved around to accommodate trees and garlands! If this is the same in your home, I advise doing this before bringing any decorations or trees into the room. Box up anything that isn’t needed during the holidays and put it away, if you’re really organized you can label the boxes to make it easier for putting back again!!
4. Get cleaning!
Cosy sitting room with fireplace and fireside chairs decorated for Christmas - The Sage haven
If you have your decorations sorted by room, start cleaning by room too. Take one room and give it all a really good cleaning down, there’s nothing worse than trying to put a garland on top of a cupboard only to get a nose full of dust!! Empty the fire ashes, clean the windows and wash the floors...that Spotify Christmas playlist will come in handy for these jobs!!
5. Get decorating!
Christmas gnome sitting in a burlap hessian sack with mushrooms on the ground - The Sage haven
Let the fun begin!! Whether you start with the tree or the rest of the decorations, take your time and if there’s a lot to do, break it down by room or dedicate a weekend to getting it all done. Turn up the music, light a Christmas scented oil burner and don’t forget the hot chocolate for after!
P.S. Here’s some extra tips for homes with children...
  • Give children their own decorations to use in their room or around the house (pick items that you’re not fussy about!!)
  • Sit children down and explain about not moving breakables...have really delicate items out of reach to avoid temptation
  • If you have Christmas books, dvds, teddies...put away some of their regular ones and replace with the Christmas ones. They’ll love rediscovering them again after the holidays!!
  • If you have the space, create one area that kids can interact with the decorations...include a snow globe, fluffy soft toy, wooden decorations...if they have items they’re allowed to touch they’ll be less likely to get into the items you want them to stay away from!!
  • If you have an elf visiting for the season, check out our Pinterest board to see what our little guy gets up to!!

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