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Smultroställe...and why you need it in your life!!


Stop the World (and let me off)

Do you ever wish you could just press a Pause button on your life? Even for 5 minutes, just to catch up with yourself. To remind yourself of who you are and what you're about. To reset your mind and prepare yourself for whatever rollercoaster ride your life decides to put you on next.

That's the idea behind Smultroställe (Pronounced smUl-tron-'stel-e)...

Smultrostalle is a special place for solace and relaxation


...and it's also the idea behind The Sage Haven. I want to help you to create your own version of Smultroställe. Whether its a bench at the bottom of the garden, a well-worn armchair in the attic or a reading nook in the window, its a space for YOU. A place where you can go and be at one with your thoughts.

As a Mum of small children I have learned that I NEED to have this space. I can't count the number of times I hear 'Mooooooooom' yelled across the house on a daily basis!! Usually for something like needing a glass of water or looking for a toy that I threw out 6 months ago! 

Then there's the man of the house, I mean I know we love them and all that but seriously, they can drive you crazy too! 

And if all of that wasn't enough, then there are days when you're just feeling low for no particular reason. From the minute you wake up you just can't quite shake the feeling, everything irritates you and nothing can motivate you. Those days are the hardest because there's nobody to blame and no way to explain how you're feeling.

But I really believe that having your own safe space is the key to dealing with these bad days. And that's all they are, just bad days, not a bad life.

So grab a cosy blanket, your favourite book or whatever else makes you happy, and start looking for your Smultroställe today!

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