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Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring decor ideas blog post

Spring has officially sprung and while it may still be gloomy outside, its time to start thinking of some easy Spring decor ideas and designs to brighten our homes!


Pastel colors, floral accents, and fresh patterns are so simple to incorporate into every home, on any budget.

1. Create a Spring Table Centrepiece

Simple Spring table centrepiece - the sage haven

This can be as elaborate or as simple as you like, but makes a great statement piece on a dining table, kitchen countertop or hallway table. All you need is:

A shallow container - Any shallow box or container will work...make one out of pallet wood, upcycle a small drawer or buy a pretty windowbox from your local garden centre

Clear plastic - you can also cut up a plastic bag or use clingfilm

Some small plants - herbs, ornamental cabbage or delicate flowering alpines look great

Moss - dry or fresh can be bought in craft shops or garden centres

Easter decorations - Buy from a poundshop, home decor stores (TK Max is my fav!) or keep an eye out at antiques fairs

1. Line the inside of your container with clear plastic. Tack to the edges with staples or tacks if possible.

2. Place your plants around the container (keep them in their pots!), whichever way looks good to you.

3. Position the moss around the plants, covering the tops of the pots as much as possible.

4. Add in your decorations. You can even use edibles such as lemons, mini chocolate eggs or even some real eggs...just be careful that they don't get broken!

2. DIY Spring Door Wreath

 Handmade DIY spring wreath for front door - the sage haven

A door wreath doesn't have to be just for Christmas! Make your own Spring wreath and it will last for years to come.

If you have access to willow twigs you can make your own base, otherwise you can buy one from a craft shop or Amazon.

Next you just need to choose what to put on it! Faux flowers have hugely improved in recent years with some beautiful and realistic ones readily available. Go to your local craft shop and see what crafts supplies they have in for Easter, little wooden shapes or 3D stickers can easily be glued on to your wreath. Or have a look in pound shops for little pieces like eggs and chicks!

Once you have everything gathered its simply a case of using a glue gun or bits of twine to put it all together. Make it as elaborate or as simple as you like, and don't be afraid to add to it if you find something suitable over the next few weeks!

3. Curate a Spring Nature Table

 Spring nature table on windowsill - the sage haven

This is a fun project for kids over the Easter holidays. And its a great way to get them out into the fresh air exploring nature!

The idea is simple. Gather items that remind you Spring. Again, it can be as rustic or fancy as you like, and with Spring being the theme you can mix pieces from nature with beautiful photos, books, fruit, anything really! 

Make time to go for a walk in the woods and you'll have a full table of goodies in no time! Empty egg shells found on the ground, gnarly broken branches, colourful leaves and old bits of bark are just some of the bits you can bring home for your table...just make sure you don't take anything that is going to affect the wildlife living there.

4. Get Garden Ready

Spring reading corner - the sagen haven

Spring weather can bring everything from blazing sunshine to freezing rain so getting out into the garden isn't always as easy as we'd like. 

Instead, I suggest making a little reading corner where you can enjoy a view of the garden from the comfort and warmth of your home! 

Gather some of your favourite gardening books, fill a vase with fresh Spring flowers and keep a warm, cosy blanket nearby to curl up in. If you can, try to position a chair near a window or a door which opens onto your garden. I love being able to sit with the door or window open, listening to the birds (and the rain!) without actually having to be outside in the cold! 

Keep a basket or fabric bag beside your chair so that if we do have a beautiful, sunny day you can grab your books, blanket and pillow and head outside without any time wasted.

5. Other Simple Tips

Simple spring decorating ideas for the home - the sage haven

Spring is all about regeneration, growth and awakening. So whatever you do with your home decor this season, make sure its bright, cheerful and beautiful. Here are another few simple ways to bring Spring into your home this year:

  • Use fruit to create a simple Spring display - lemons and limes have the perfect Spring vibe, display in a bowl or fill a glass vase and place on your counter for an instant pop of colour.
  • Cut flowers - daffodils and tulips are often readily available in Spring from flower shops and supermarkets. Buy a couple of bunches and place in a large vase on your hall table. You'll smile every time you pass them, even on the wettest April days!
  • Candles - as much as I love The Sage Haven's beautiful LED Candles, I do also enjoy the occasional scented candle when the kids are at school or gone to bed (no risk of being knocked over!). Find some light, fresh scents to fill your home with the aroma of Spring...or just add one of our floral pillar candles to your windowsill or mantelpiece, to bring some of that wonderful Spring glow inside your home!

Check out our Pinterest board for more Spring decorating ideas and don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more great hints and tips.

Happy Styling!


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