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Why I Long For A Window Seat

Why i long for a window seat blog post

A few years ago we decided to re-decorate our sitting room, paint the walls, move the furniture...the usual head-scratching, regrettable kind of thing that we all do to ourselves from time to time!

Now, I am not an interior designer by any stretch of the imagination, not even close, I leave that to the man of the house who has a much keener eye for these things! But I did have one small request...a window seat in our bay window. Nothing fancy, just a spot to sit and ponder as the world goes by.

Sadly, we have a 6 year old with a severe LEGO addiction and no room to store it...so the window seat idea was turned into an Ikea inspired LEGO storage bench, not quite the relaxing aesthetic I was hoping for!!

 lego storage station in bay window

The following year we decided it was time to create some more chaos, this time in the master bedroom...same layout as the sitting room, same bay window, same request for a window seat...I didn't win that one either!!

So last year, when we built the studio for The Sage Haven, I thought this was finally going to be the time I got to have my window seat. I carefully planned the window position so that I would have a perfect view of the garden and the bird table and even chose the material for making my own sage coloured cushions! 

Needless to say, I don't have a window seat in my studio and the chair I do have has been taken over by the cat!

oscar the cat relaxing on the armchair

So why am I so keen to have a window seat? Well, I think it's a subconscious desire to go back to my childhood.

I have always been very proud of my ability to multi-task and my compulsion to always be doing something, never wasting time just relaxing. I have always thought 'why just do one thing when you can be doing two or three'. If I'm watching TV I'm also drawing or browsing online. If I'm cooking I'm also listening to a podcast.

But recently I realised that what I'm actually doing is being mindless. I'm not concentrating on anything, I'm not living in any moment. I'm constantly detatched.

The more I have come to realise this about myself, the more aware I am of everyone else doing it. This morning I drove past a bus stop and counted 6 people all exercising their thumbs scrolling on their phones. If I had had the misfortune of crashing in front of them, nobody would have actually been able to provide a witness statement, despite standing 10 feet away.

people on phones at busstop cartoon image
Imagine this but in Irish weather!

Becoming aware of a problem and doing something about it are two very different things. Most of us know that we're far too addicted to our screens. Most of us know that we rely too much on modern technology. But we do it anyway because change is hard. Life is too fast and too busy to switch off, we NEED to stay connected.

Yearning so badly for a window seat was my inner voice telling me that I was missing something. As a child I spent most of my time outdoors, using my imagination to create games and challenges for myself. I knew every corner of the garden, I had inspected every puddle and looked under every stone. And if it was raining I sat at the window watching an imaginary race between raindrops.

raindrops race on window

We all need time out. We need to make time and space to just 'be'. Whether it's a special chair by the window or a bench in the garden, we need to have a place where we can put pause on life and just live in the moment. Without it we're going to look back on our lives 20 years from now and not remember any feelings we had, any thoughts we had or any memories we made because we never fully experienced anything.

So my advice is...find your spot...make it special, make it comfortable and make it your own. Take time out of your day to just sit and reflect on your thoughts and how you're feeling, without any distractions. And when you feel like the rollercoaster of life is getting too wild, know that you can step off for a moment and gather your thoughts before jumping back on. 

Have a happy, mindful day,

Gráinne x

P.S. If you're lucky enough to be getting a window seat, or any other quiet space, check out our Pinterest board for some cosy corner ideas!

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