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battery christmas candle with gold bauble design
battery christmas candle set with gold bauble design
gold bauble design on battery christmas candle
hands holding battery christmas candle on green plate
battery compartment of led candles

Battery Christmas Candles - Decorative Gold Bauble LED Candles

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Battery Christmas Candles

Ever wondered why we hang baubles on our Christmas tree? The idea comes from the Roman tradition to hang fruit from trees! Now you can create a new tradition, including these Battery Candles every year as part of your festive decorations.

  • Safe - active children and beloved grandparents to frisky dogs and curious cats, everyone in your family is safe around a flameless candle
  • No fire risk - leave your candle burning all night without any worry
  • Realistic - made from real wax, the LED bulb gently flickers to imitate a burning candle
  • Healthy - free from harmful chemicals
  • Economic - last over 100 times longer than traditional candles
  • Clean - no wax spills or soot stains
  • Use anywhere - even in places that don't allow candles such as offices, nursing homes and hospitals
  • Long-lasting - always enjoy that new candle look, without it ever burning away

Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)

Diameter 3 inches

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