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Household Chores Prompt Cards



We live in a busy, bustling world of work and school and digital media. As much as we try to keep up with the housework, it's hardly surprising that things can get left in amongst the rush of trying to get everything else done. These Household Chores Prompt Cards are full of simple tips and tricks to make running your home a little bit easier. 

Set of 30 cards, printed on high-quality card, each with a unique household chore prompt.

  • 15 MINUTES A DAY - Keeping on top of the cleaning shouldn't need to be an "all day everyday" task. Just 15 minutes a day is enough to stay on top of things without any stress or pressure. Each card suggests a 15-minute task, so you'll always have everything in hand.

    TIPS & TRICKS - Using simple tips & tricks, you can become more organised and make sure nothing gets missed for a happy, clean home.

    FUN FOR THE KIDS - Use the prompts to get your older kids involved in helping out around the home. They can pick a new card each day, with no repetition for a whole month!

    YOU'VE GOT THIS - As a busy woman, you've got a lot to think about. These prompt cards take one more thing you need to think about out of your head, giving you the room and headspace to think about other things.