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Antoillier LED Candle



The majestic stag and his grand crown antoillier rise up out of the dark forest silently, stealthily. The sight of him will take your breath away as he stands proudly, tall, magnificent amongst the still taller trees. The way he calmly watches as you walk on by, in quiet dignity, makes you want to drop to your knee in reverence. He disappears back into the darkness of the wood, his outline still whispering.

Illustration of an antlered deer against a sketched forest background on a handcrafted LED candle.

  • SAFE - This flameless candle is safe to leave unattended around lively little ones, beloved grandparents, tail-wagging dogs and curious cats. No need to worry about anyone getting hurt.

    NO RISK OF FIRE - If you accidentally leave your candle burning all night, there's no need to worry.

    REALISTIC - These LED candles are made from real wax, while the LED bulb gently flickers, just like a real candle. Honestly, people will think they're real!

    HEALTHY - These candles are free from any harmful chemicals, perfect for sensitive people and those who suffer from allergies.

    ECONOMIC - Your LED candle will last over 100 times longer than any traditional candle.

    CLEAN - No risk of wax spills or soot stains from your beautifully handcrafted LED candle.

    USE ANYWHERE - even in places that don't allow candles, like offices, nursing homes and hospitals.

    LONG-LASTING - There's no worry about these LED candles melting down to nothing. You can enjoy that new candle look every time you light it.