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Candle Gift Set

€80,00 €90,00


What better gift for that deserving woman in your life? A set of 3 beautiful candles of your choice, in each of the available sizes (4, 5, and, 6 inch).

  • SAFE, WITH NO FIRE RISK - This flameless candle is safe to leave unattended around lively little ones, beloved grandparents, tail-wagging dogs and curious cats. There's also no risk of fire if you accidentally leave your candle burning all night.

    REALISTIC - These LED candles are made from real wax, while the LED bulb gently flickers, just like a real candle.

    HEALTHY - These candles are free from any harmful chemicals, perfect for sensitive people and those who suffer from allergies.

    ECONOMIC & LONG-LASTING - Your LED candle will last over 100 times longer than any traditional candle. For a new candle look every time you light it.

    CLEAN - No risk of wax spills or soot stains from your beautifully handcrafted LED candle.