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Botanical Art Greetings Cards



Sometimes it's just nice to send a card to someone, letting them know you're thinking of them. These Botanical Art Greeting Cards are the perfect way to do that. Or, why not frame some of these and get them up on the wall to pretty up your home? You'll be admiring them for years to come.

A set of 5 greeting cards with envelopes. A unique botanical art illustration on each card.

  • BOTANICAL ART ILLUSTRATIONS - This set of 5 cards comes with 5 different botanical art illustrations, so you can choose to send each one to a different person to match their personality.

    SENDING LOVE - Let loved ones know you're thinking of them with a beautifully designed greeting card.

    WALL ART - Too pretty to send? Then why not frame them and put them up as art on your walls?

    HIGH QUALITY - Printed on high-quality card, your loved ones will appreciate the quality of the beautiful card you send them.

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