About – The Sage Haven

The Sage Haven is a resource to help you manage your home and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Starting from a hobby making candles in a garden shed, we’ve evolved into a small family business, handcrafting sustainable home accessories from our studio in Galway, Ireland.

I'm Gráinne and that awkward mugshot there is me!!
I left the reliable world of 9-5 to take a wild leap into the unknown, combining running a business with raising our two young daughters.

Now, two years on, I’m working 20 hours a week in our purpose built garden studio, and any other hours I can squeeze in between cooking, cleaning and taxi driving!!
I have built up a website where all of my handcrafted products are exclusively sold, opting to stay out of traditional retail because of the high percentage taken by some shops.

I live in a small village outside Galway, Ireland with my significant other and our daughters, Aimee & Ava. We enjoy being close to the sea, countryside and city life, while being a part of the small community in the area closest to us.

This website also includes my blog. A collection of my thoughts and tips on how to manage a home in a more happy, easy and sustainable way, without any pressure to do it perfectly. 

Lets connect...

My favourite part of running an online business is the connections we can make, all around the world. If you're interested in joining me, you can find me on... 

Instagram - photos of the every-day chaos behind my business

- Facebook - much the same as Instagram, with a bit more to read

- LinkedIn - this is where you'll find me in a pencil skirt suit and my hair in a bun

- Blog - where my brain dumps thoughts

- Email - best place to get my latest product news, and some interesting recipes too