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Self Care Prompt Cards


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As humans, we often put others before ourselves. It's usually our own self-care that suffers. That's why I've put together these Self Care Prompt Cards as a gentle but important reminder to take a moment and work on yourself. It's the best gift to yourself you can give. 

Set of 30 cards, printed on high-quality card, each with a unique self-care prompt.

  • 10 MINUTES A DAY - Taking a little time out for yourself on a busy day will help you feel more relaxed, confident and productive. Each card suggests a 10-minute activity to help you relax, unwind, and reconnect with your hopes and dreams.

    SIMPLE PROMPTS - This isn't about giving you a difficult task to tackle. A simple, quick prompt that you can easily fit into your day for manageable self-care.

    RELAX - I know your struggles. There's dinner to cook, a dishwasher to empty, laundry to fold, and a floor covered in dust bunnies. The last thing you can think about right now is taking time out to relax. But self-care is crucial for our physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

    BE KIND TO YOURSELF - Treat yourself as you'd treat anyone else around you. Recognise when your energy levels are low and when you need to replenish them.

    GENTLE REMINDER - These cards are gentle reminders to take care of yourself. Store them somewhere you can pick one up each day for just a little bit of self-care daily.