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Flickering Battery Candle - Wildflowers Design
Flickering Battery Candle - Wildflowers DesignFlickering Battery Candle - Wildflowers DesignFlickering Battery Candle - Wildflowers DesignFlickering Battery Candle - Wildflowers Design
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'Meadows where the afternoon hangs suspended in a flower, and the moments of our doom drift upon a weightless hour' ~ Tennessee Williams

Daydream by candlelight with an unscented Flameless Candle.

If you're using candles in work or at home, you may not want any strong aromas filling the room. Using an unscented flameless candle you can enjoy the flickering dance of candlelight, without any harsh chemical smells. 

How does it work? 

 Each candle needs 3 AAA batteries which are inserted at the base of the candle, along with the On/Off switch. These power the small LED bulb inside, which gently flickers to give a realistic flame effect. 

How long do the batteries last when using my candle? 

This depends on the quality of the batteries you use. The average is 400 hours. That's 3 months if used for 4 hours every day. 

How long does the LED bulb last? 

100,000 hours - which is 20 years if used regularly! 

Will it look fake? 

LED candles are just as bright as traditional pillar candles, giving the same soft, ambient glow. The flameless candles I create are made from real wax so they look and feel the same as regular candles. 

How do I care for my candle? 

Keep your candle away from strong heat, the wax may melt.Remove batteries when not in use to prevent leaking.Use a soft cloth to dust as needed.

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